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8 Exclusive Creation lipstick shades with a new luminous matte formula infused with ultra-fine pearly pigments. Each is presented in a click case embossed with an asymmetrical 5-pointed star, a symbol of good luck for Gabrielle Chanel.

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Products in the Launch

Rouge Allure Velvet La Comete, $42.00 (Limited Edition)

  • Terre d’Etoiles (108) Rosy beige
  • Bois de Rose Astral (118) Warm rose
  • Rose Eclatant (128) Coral rose
  • Rouge Vie Radiant (138) Muted rose
  • Rouge Comsique (148) Red
  • Brun Solaire (158) Plum
  • Pourpre Etoile (168) Cool plum
  • Brun Celeste (178) Deep plum

Blush Comete, (Limited Edition)

A soft and silky blush that gives cheeks a radiant flush. An Exclusive Creation available in 2 shades: a delicate peach and a bright coral.

  • Peche Comisque Delicate peach
  • Corail Etoile Bright coral

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