Brand Description

A revitalizing balm for all-day lip plumping hydration, available in mood-boosting shades inspired by powerful crystal energy.

This balm delivers a hint of glowing color, flattering all skin tones and complementing your natural beauty. Its formula includes 92% naturally-derived ingredients.

Shades Include:

  • Cosmic Crystal: Inspired by rose quartz. A shimmering sheer pink tint.
  • Sun Crystal: Inspired by sunstone. A glistening peachy coral tint.
  • Caring Crystal: Inspired by ruby. A shimmering warm raspberry red tint.
  • Love Crystal: Inspired by pink sapphire. An alluring fuchsia tint with a touch of shimmer.
  • Hope Crystal: Inspired by garnet. A rich blackberry tint with a sheer wash of glowing plum.
  • Divine Crystal: Inspired by petalite. A mid-toned neutral tint with glowing shine.

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