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Introducing I Heart Revolution featuring Disney – our most magical collaboration yet! We’re bringing you an unmissable makeup collection for the modern-day princess.

Create your boldest looks yet with the I Heart Revolution and Disney Mulan collection. Featuring one stunning fairytale book palette (starring 18 eyeshadows, 3 matte blushes and 3 highlighters), one gorgeous shimmering lipgloss and one skin-softening translucent setting powder.

The I Heart Revolution and Disney Fairytale Palette Mulan is an all-in-one face and eye palette with a colourway and shade names inspired by the Disney classic collectable fairytale books.

Open to reveal a page of bold matte and stand-out metallic eyeshadows. From ‘Spirit’ a bold matte red, ‘Loyalty’ a shimmering royal blue, ‘Mushu’ a courageously bold matte orange, and ‘Gong’ a dazzling silver – you’ll have all the hues needed for your boldest and bravest looks yet!

On the other page, you’ll find three matte blushes in light pink, rose, and peach, along with three shimmer highlighters in rose gold, rustic gold, and champagne gold.

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