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Get that comfy, real-skin perfection with Jaclyn Cosmetics Skin Perfecting Blurring Tint. Doing double-duty as a blurring primer and tinted moisturizer, this sheer coverage wonder delivers a natural finish that blurs texture and enhances the look of your skin for that just-woke-up glow.

  • Sheer coverage
  • Smooths & blurs skin’s appearance
  • Natural finish
  • If you notice a little extra space at the bottom of your Blurring Tint, that’s the airless pump!
  • An airless pump was choose over a traditional pump because it lets you use 100% of the product so you don’t miss a drop. It also ensures even dosage, reduces oxidation, and increases the overall shelf life. Cool, huh?
  • Available in 12 shades

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