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Love the single-use convenience of a mask sheet but prefer the fuss-free, easily-absorbed formula of a sleeping pack? Korean beauty brand VT Cosmetics’s individually packaged Cica Sleeping Masks are the ideal solution! Available in four versions for different skin conditions, they all come in an airy texture and leave a refreshing finish. Skin care products featuring centella asiatica extract and green propolis extract are suitable for irritated skin and sensitive skin. These cica care masks featuring CICALIAO™ (made of centella asiatica extract and green propolis extract) and CICAHYALON™ (made of three types of hyaluronic acid) deeply hydrate, nourish and soothe skin. Each mask type is drenched in essence in a lightweight texture, so you can use the facial mask overnight or as a daily soothing mask.

On this month’s Small Talk, six editors try out the Cica Nutrition Sleeping Mask and the Cica Tone Up Sleeping Mask. The Cica Nutrition Sleeping Mask is a thick cream containing six moisturizing vegetable extracts and berry complex to brighten and revitalize. It balances oil-moisture levels, delivers nourishing energy and offers skin refinement to improve skin texture of dry and rough skin. The Cica Tone Up Sleeping Mask is a gentle emulsion containing hydrating hyaluronic acid and brightening licorice root extract to create revitalized and healthy skin. Read on to find out which version of VT Cosmetics’s Cica Sleeping Masks we’ll be incorporating into our skin care routine!


Sarah: Even though sheet masks are one of the most popular Korean skin care items, I secretly prefer sleeping masks 🙊. What about you girls? What’s your favorite type of mask to beat the winter blues? ❄

Zoe: Yes, sleeping masks are defo much easier! I’m too lazy for sheet masks, and it’s too cold to use them now. 😂

Michelle: I used to be a sheet mask devotee, but I’ve lately switched to sleeping masks. 😍

Agnes: I need intense moisture to combat my dry skin. I normally use sheet masks though, and rarely turn to sleeping masks.  I guess I’m hopping on the sleeping mask trend a bit late. 😅

Aria: I love both, but sleeping masks are winners for me because you can just apply them once and forget about them until the following morning. 😅

Sarah: My thoughts exactly! Sheet masks limit my mobility and I hate waiting to take them off. 😂

Michelle: Plus sheet masks rarely fit perfectly, at least for me. I defo don’t have that problem with sleeping masks!

Aria: Precisely − you can spend several minutes adjusting a sheet mask on your face. 😆

Zoe: I hate the sticky finish sheet masks leave, which is less of an issue with sleeping masks! And the latter are usually more moisturizing IMO.⭐

Sarah: Yesss, not only do they “fit” better, but I also feel like the formula absorbs into my skin more!

Agnes: Which sleeping mask would you recommend?

Sarah: I’ve been eyeing VT’s Cica Sleeping Mask, which comes in four versions and offers different effects! I’m drawn to the fact that it’s just as convenient as a sheet mask because the sleeping mask comes in individual packaging 😉

Melanie: Oh yes! I love the packaging of VT’s sleep mask − it’s super convenient and user-friendly 👏

Agnes: Have you girls ever seen those ginseng supplement packs that people in South Korea slurp down? It kinda reminds me of that! 😂

Aria: Seen and tried them! I take some in the office sometimes. 😂

Michelle: Hahaha, I think they look like condiment packets!

Sarah: The little designs on each package remind me of colorful vitamin supplements, and I looove how sleek the green and white boxes are. 😍

Agnes: As an added plus, we can use the individually packaged masks for single-use, hygienic purposes!

Aria: These VT masks are super convenient and they take up so little space. They’re perfect for bringing on a staycation or a sleepover at a friend’s.

Melanie: True! I brought them with me to a staycation, heh 🎉 I couldn’t finish a whole pack though… how about you guys?

Aria: Melanie, I thought so too! One individual pack was enough for two applications, especially the brightening one. I kept it in the fridge and used the mask the next day 😂

Agnes: Me too! I thought one pack was a bit too much for my skin. I split it between two nights. 🤔 I tried the entire pack the first time, but it took a while to absorb into my skin.

Zoe: Same! I shared it with my boyfriend 😂 But even so, it took us two nights to finish one pack! VT is very generous with the amount. 👀

Melanie: Sometimes I applied it on my hands and neck as well. 😂

Agnes: Oh yes, never forget about the neck! Haha.

Michelle: I should’ve done that instead of chucking mine away.

Zoe: Melanie, I applied on my hands and neck too, and even on my elbows. Still, it took me two nights to finish one pack! Maybe I applied the mask too thinly on my face. 😂

Agnes: Nah, I think a little goes a longggggg way.

Sarah: I applied a super thick layer so I could use as much as possible of the mask, but it still felt like such a waste to toss the rest. 😢 Thankfully the scent and texture are super light, so even a thick layer didn’t feel like too much on skin. 👌

Michelle: I love the lightweight texture, but I found the scent a bit strong, though not in an entirely unpleasant way.

Zoe: Oh yes, I was surprised that both the Cica Nutrition Sleeping Mask and Cica Tone Up Mask have the same herbal and lemony scent. 🤔 I liked it though! I also love the balmy and buttery texture of both masks! They weren’t  thick or suffocating on skin, and left a really nice, non-sticky glow. 😍

Agnes: I thought the scent was nice and clean, but the texture was a bit thick for me.

Melanie: I noticed they have slightly different scents! The Cica Nutrition Sleeping Mask smelled more pleasant than the Cica Tone Up Sleeping Mask. 😮‍ The Cica Tone Up Sleeping Mask has a glue-like scent and it felt sticky as well 😂

Michelle: I thought the Cica Nutrition Sleeping Mask was slightly thicker though. The Cica Tone Up Sleeping Mask felt very milky to me.

Sarah: Haha, the only difference I noticed was that the Tone Up version is white and the Nutrition version is pale green.

Agnes: Besides the color difference, the only difference I saw was that my skin looked brighter from using the Tone Up version. 😍

Aria: I thought the Cica Tone Up Sleeping Mask has a better texture. It was less heavy and not as sticky as the Cica Nutrition Sleeping Mask. As I like to sleep on my stomach, it’s important that the mask doesn’t stick on the pillow. 😂

Sarah: They both felt quite refreshing on skin! They’re so lightweight that I also tried using them as daytime moisturizers, which VT recommends depending on your skin type!

Melanie: I have combination skin and I found both sleeping masks moisturizing. 😍 They had a slight cooling effect too. I woke up with smoother skin the next day. 🤩

Michelle: I thought it could be slightly more moisturizing,  but I love the slight cooling effect, especially with the Tone Up Mask!

Aria: I felt like they both were quite moisturizing even though the Tone Up Sleeping Mask is supposedly for another purpose – but that’s a good thing!

Agnes: It was super moisturizing for me, but it took a bit longer to absorb fully into my skin. I liked how my skin still felt moisturized when I woke up. I think the products use triple hyaluronic acid, which greatly helped with that!

Aria: I found the Nutrition version soothing! I was surprised how many herbal and fruit extracts this mask contains: strawberry, cranberry, olive leaf ingredients… the list goes on. It also contains various types of cica like asiaticoside, madecassic acid, asiatic acid and madecassoside.

Sarah: I also love all the natural extracts! Funnily enough, Agnes mentioned that the packaging looks like ginseng supplements, and the Tone Up mask actually contains ginseng extract. 😂

Agnes: Haha, what a coinkydink! 😜

Sarah: It also contains a bunch of other extracts from purslane, rosemary, rice and even pine mushroom, which explains the masks’ natural, plant-based scents. 🍃

Melanie: I think the cica extract in the Tone Up Sleeping Mask helps with brightening skin.⭐

Agnes: Oh yes, and licorice root extract!

Melanie: I’ve never heard of licorice root extract! What other benefits does it have?

Sarah: It’s mainly for brightening and soothing! The berry complex in the Tone Up mask also helps brighten skin.🍓 Both masks contain CICALIAO™ and CICAHYALON™ for added soothing and hydrating effects. 😍

Agnes: Yes, exactly! These masks are soothing because they have anti-inflammatory effects, so they are especially suited for those suffering from rosacea and eczema.

Michelle: No wonder my skin felt so much calmer the morning after! I’ve had a lot of facial redness recently and these two masks helped with that.

Melanie: I guess you’ll have to stock up on these goodies, Michelle.

Michelle: I’m planning to, haha.

Sarah: Of the two, which are you gonna stock up on? 🙈

Michelle: I’m torn! I think I’d go with the Tone Up Sleeping Mask simply because it’s lighter while still leaving my skin calm and hydrated. 😊

Melanie: I was impressed with the results of both sleeping masks, so I might try out VT’s other options as well, like the Super Hyalon and Progloss Sleeping Mask Sets.⭐

Agnes: Between the two, I’d pick the Tone Up version because it felt lighter and gave me a mini glow-up with its brightening effects. I liked the Nutrition version’s moisturizing properties, but it was harder for it to absorb into my skin. I defo want to try the Super Hyalon Sleeping Mask, too! 😍

Aria: If I were to choose between the two, it would be the Tone Up Sleeping Mask as it’s basically a two in one mask. This product has brightening properties along with moisturizing effects!

Zoe: Although the differences were subtle, I prefer the Nutrition version a little more. Both masks left my skin soft in the morning, but the Nutrition version did more for my skin by making it look healthier!

Sarah: This experience has only solidified my love for sleeping masks! They’re both so low-maintenance, lightweight and soothing. The good news is that there are 20 pieces in each box set, so they’ll last you all winter.✌

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