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[unpaid/sample] Of course, any products that claim to be for sensitive skin piques my interest because Lucy has such sensitive skin – Avene is more or less all she can reliably use. We are yet to really drill down exactly what it is that she can’t tolerate. There’s an assumption that ‘clean’ means safer for reactive skin which isn’t at all the case – one of the most useful lists I’ve found of potential fragrance allergens is HERE on the Victoria Health website, which is where Oodee Allergen Neutral products have launched.

Oodee Allergen Neutral Moisturiser

It’s rather interesting to go down the ingredient list of your ‘clean’ product and compare to the fragrance allergen list – if you have a spare ten minutes you could compare it to the food allergen list HERE as well. Both lists are as illuminating as the Oodee Nova Illuminating Moisturiser. It’s their hero product, fuelled with Vitamin C and Buckwheat sprouts amongst other ingredients (jojoba seed, niacinamide, panthenol and rice ferment to name a few). Less is not always more for reactive skin – this brand has a heft mix of ingredients in each product but the key point is that none of them are known fragrance or food allergens.

Oodee Allergan Neutral Moisturiser

It’s interesting that Oodee takes the stance that it’s not your skin that is the problem, it’s what is being put on it and we don’t often hear sensitive or allergic skin cleared of human fault! It’s a bit like assuming that your body is the fault of clothes not fitting – maybe it’s the clothes! Maybe they’re badly made or thoughtlessly measured. We can take that one off the blame menu as well as taking blame off our skin. This moisturiser is deliciously whippy in texture – it’s a solidly hydrating product that doesn’t even go anywhere near claims of reducing any facial characteristics but promote plumping and luminosity. Yes please. My only slight reservation is that they’re quite expensive – it’s £55 for the moisturiser and £65 for the serum. I’d prefer such an important entry into the skin care market more accessible. It’s a worthwhile investment if you’re constantly buying new skin care in the hope that it will ‘cure’ sensitivities – a little goes a long way and having said that it’s expensive, if you are one of so many who has a cupboard full of product you can’t use, it will save you in the longer run. So, the Oodee page is HERE so you can do further reader. Readers who have been with this site for many years might remember Victoria Tydeman, founder of Steamcream in the UK (which has since been sold) – she is the co-founder of Oodee.




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