[purchase] Honestly, I couldn’t not buy this because I was just so curious! In truth, it’s as plasticky as I expected it to be but there’s is a bit of me that wants to sit down with the person who decided to put into production a diamante encrusted violin lipstick and congratulate them for living their dream!

TVLV Air Lip Glaze

TVLV is quite hard to track down as a brand – it’s Chinese, I know that and I’ve located it to AliExpress although I got mine on Amazon (search Violin Shaped Lipstick – somewhat incredibly, there is also a guitar shaped lipstick from another brand).

TVLV Air Lip Glaze

The only other products I can find on the whole of the internet from this brand is a moisturiser called Blood Cream, which honestly, I don’t fancy at all, but some quite nice sounding cleansing sticks. Trust me when I say that you go down some strange research alleys – I found the sticks stocked at a website called Beautiful Pig Pig Girl Store.

TVLV Air Lip Glaze

The shade is a kind of burgundy chestnut mix – it’s matte and very lightweight. I see exactly what it’s for – that sort of soft edge blur lip look which is really quite pretty. The product smells okay – fresh, at least, with a little hint of vanilla but I can’t read the ingredient list so I’ve no idea what’s in it and the only listed ingredient is water so we aren’t any further forward. But, I’ve been on quite the trail and discovered tooth covers (I’m so tempted), finger writing bandages (to protect from pen rub when writing) and a cuddly animal sleep guide that you have on your chest when you go to bed – it ‘breathes’ and the theory is that it puts your own breathing into the same pace and you fall asleep. And then I wonder why I run out of time every day.

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