Jo Malone London Rose Favourites



[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] Iím hot-foot from doing an on-line workshop making paper flowers (results at the end of the post!) with Jo Malone London to have a reminder of their rose offerings. I very much remember the first Jo Malone London rose fragrance Ė Red Roses Ė that came out in the 90ís and remains unchanged to this day. Itís actually still my favourite despite various rose iterations appearing thereafter.

Jo Malone London Rose Favourites

The thing about Red Roses is that it starts with lemon which instantly lifts what can be a rather heady note. Itís fresh and voluptuous at the same time Ė you can almost smell the thickness of the velvety petals. What I didnít know is that it has a honeycomb note Ė Iíve never noticed it before Ė before hitting creamy sandalwood. I can easily go back to a time where a rose scent was a rose scent and there werenít many permutations of the basic concept. Now, you can get rose as many ways as you can find sweets in a pick and mix.

Jo Malone London Rose Favourites

The only thing thatís changed about Red Roses is the bottle Ė this year, given a lavish font in red across the bottle. Iíve given this perfume as both 18th and 21st gifts feeling that Iím on very safe ground because Iíve never come across anyone of any age that doesnít like it.

Jo Malone London Rose Favourites

Surprisingly, the one that draws in male fans is this Ė Rose Blush, £76, 50ml HERE. It arrived last year as part of the Marmalade Collection and has basil as its opening note. From there, itís lychee followed by rose and geranium, leading into the white musk base. Itís not as fulsome as Red Roses but it has a distinct personality that marks it as part of the same family. Velvet Rose Oud, £92, 50ml HERE is the big one from the rose collection Ė itís deep, dark and thick with oud wood which is sweetened with a little praline. Thereís a hint of bergamot but really, itís the most dramatic display in the flower shop. Speaking of flowers, the petals Iíve used for these pictures are from the only surviving rose from one of my bushes that has clung on all winter Ė before I prune, it seemed a fitting way to immortalise its tenacity and strength.

The final rose from Jo Malone London is Rose & Magnolia. Itís taken me a very long time to appreciate the smooth and creamy nature of magnolia and in this fragrance, itís surrounded by moss and black pepper with a flourish of patchouli. It launched two years ago and has been, apparently, a very popular option. Are you ready for my creation?!

Jo Malone London Rose Favourites

Now, I feel quite impressed that I managed to make that crepe rose! I wasnít expecting such a good result. Obviously, there is a Valentineís theme for this Ė the whole roses, flowers thing and if you go to the Regent Street Jo Malone London store you can personalise a ribbon for wrapping and get a rose stem too (8th-14th Feb) should you be able to. Iím not big on pushing Valentineís for many reasons and try and keep it to the minimum but it does give a natural opportunity to explore fragrances that might not get the spotlight at any other time. There isnít a bad time for a rose fragrance Ė roses have been cultivated for over 5000 years for very good reason as the ultimate universally pleasing flower. If youíre picking one for spring because the mood is lighter and thereís more optimism in the air, Iíd suggest Rose & Magnolia, £76, 50ml HERE but you can never go far wrong with Red Roses. You can get the limited edition bottle in 30ml (£55) HERE or the soap as a more budget friendly option at £16 HERE.

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