How Do You Handle Your Beauty Budget?



Missing this thug a lot today!

Lately, Iíve been listening to podcasts about financial literacy, and consequently, Iíve been thinking about how people handle their beauty budgets.

I read in an article recently that says on average, women spend $313 a month and men spend $244 on beauty products. Iím not really surprised at those amounts, though, seeing how itís easy to go there if youíre shopping at places like Sephora.

Anywho, Iím trying to be more purposeful with the beauty products I buy, and so Iím taking stock of my spending habits. Iíve noticed that I tend to do one of three things:

1. Restock, then pick up extras

When I run out of something, Iíll go in to Sephora or Target for a restock, and while Iím there, Iíll usually pick up a few extra things that werenít originally on my list because YOLO.

2. Stress shopping

If Iíve had a rough day, Iíll buy beauty products that usually arenít on my wishlist for some instant gratification.

3. Sale shopping

OH, GOSH. This is my Achillesí Heel. If I can get a bunch of products on sale, I have no problem splurging, even if itís for things that I technically donít need.

Iím thinking about creating a set beauty budget per month, but you knowÖ Thereís something about those impromptu beauty buys when I need a pick me up. Sigh.

Iím curious to know how you handle your beauty budget.

Like, do you prefer to buy makeup only when you run out of something? Or do you have a set monthly budget for beauty products, and you pick up whatever youíre fancying at the moment? Or are you the type of person who purchases products on a whim? Let me know in the comments.

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