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Full coverage foundation? It feels like a thing of the past Ė weíve got the skin care revolution to thank for that I think. Now that weíre paying more attention to our complexions and understanding them better, weíre more prepared to show them off with confidence. That said, itís a rare day that I go completely bare-skinned (excluding lock-down when nobody cared!) and feel more Ďdressedí with something on my skin and that leads nicely to The Body Shopís Fresh Nude Foundation.

The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation

In line with their recycling policy, the pump has gone and has been replaced with a spatula as you can see in the pictures. Itís able to winkle its way around the bottle edges so you wonít lose any product (in fact, I think itís better than a pump) and the entire thing is fully recyclable. Fresh Nude Foundation comes in 40 shades and is made with 95% natural origin ingredients. Speaking of ingredients Ė Fresh Nude also contains organic aloe from Mexico, supporting indigenous female farmers in the area.† This is the one brand where I really stop and think about the people behind the supply chain. The aloe is farmed on the edge of the rainforests of the Yucatan which means it has to be done sustainably and carefully Ė itís hand harvested for minimum impact.

The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation

The coverage is medium and Iíve been playing around with diluting it with a drop of moisturiser or serum so donít be afraid to experiment to find the level of coverage you want from it. You can just use whatever you already have Ė try one third moisturiser (Vitamin E Moisture Cream from TBS works nicely) and two thirds Fresh Nude for a finish thatís lighter but still perfecting and present.

The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation

Itís very natural looking just as it is Ė more of a real skin finish than anything allowing some light reflection but not a Ďdewí.

The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation

The shades above are Light 1W, Light 3C and Light 3W. I like the price on this Ė £18 Ė and like many of The Body Shopís products, Fresh Nude behaves more expensively. My shade is Light 3C which fits my tone like a glove. Iím finding it a very easy wear Ė versatile and user friendly and is a very welcome addition to my make up bag. You can find The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation HERE.†Ideally, if you have a store nearby, get colour matched in person, but otherwise, thereís a good shade finding option on the website.

Iím finding Fresh Nude perfectly hydrating Ė itís not filmy and allows my skin plenty of flexibility. In fact, itís the sort of base that you put on at the beginning of the day and donít even think about for the rest of the day! The last is impressive (there was still plenty to remove by evening) and it didnít settle into pores. If you have an issue with foundation in general settling where you donít want it to, try a mild exfoliation before you apply.

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