Saturday Surfing, Feb. 19, 2022



Saturday Surfing, Feb. 19, 2022

Hi, and happy Caturday!

Oh, and happy National Lash Day too! Yes, we’re celebrating eyelashes now. ???? My lashes are currently on the hunt for a new mascara, by the way. If you’re happy with yours, please share because Laura Mercier Caviar just isn’t doing it for me anymore (the curl hold isn’t the same for whatever reason).

Lately, I’ve been wearing a layer of Ilia Fullest Volumizing Mascara with a waterproof mascara on top, and while it does the job just fine, I’d prefer to have a one-and-done solution, so let me know if you’ve found anything life changing!

Speaking of lashes, Connor had a mini-meltdown over her eyelashes recently. Hers are long and curly like El Hub’s, and they often get caught in her eyes, which is very uncomfortable for her. When it happens, I either help her use a washcloth or rinse out her eyes with water to get the stuck lashes out.

Anywho, it happened again the other day, and she started talking about cutting her lashes off because they were so bothersome… I shut that down real quick. I think between the “absolutely not” and “you’re gonna poke your eye out,” something may have gotten lost in translation because she just started bawling.

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