Saturday Surfing, Feb. 26, 2022!



Saturday Surfing, Feb. 26, 2022!

Good morning to ya. How’s your Caturday going so far? Good, I hope. With everything unfolding in the world this week, I’m grateful to simply have shelter and feel safe at this moment, because a lot of people don’t have that right now…

I hope your tummy is full wherever you are. I hope you feel safe, warm and content, and I hope you’re surrounded by people who care for you and love you.

I try my best to keep MBB light and bright because, as I get further into adulthood (*ahem*), all of the real-world problems feel heavier and heavier, and my hope is that MBB can always be a temporary shelter from the big scaries — a place that feels safe to just prattle on about things that bring us joy, whether it be makeup, cats or pop culture. I hope you always feel good when you visit.

But, as you very well know, sometimes the real world intervenes.

On that note, hello again. Oh, guess what? This girl is going back to Sephora today because I just tried on a few of the new things I bought yesterday, and they looked funky…and not funky in a good way.

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