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[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] I donít often feature beauty boxes but I am†so†happy to put this one in the spotlight it deserves. Caroline is a professional make up artist, log-standing industry friend and quite honestly one of the most sincere and good hearted people in beauty Ė sheís working with Latest In Beauty who used to do my boxes† Ė and she has curated an exceptionally good value collection of products.† I have been dying to post about it but wonít bore you with the sorry tale of missing post and catch-me-if-you-can deliveries†or the doorstep thiefÖ but whew, here we are a last. And, because Iím late to it, I need to flag that stocks are now quite low. I also need to say that I completely forgot to include the lovely Trish McEvoy Intense Gel Eye Liner in Deep Aubergine in the photography.

Caroline Barnes Beauty Box

The box is absolutely stuffed with product Ė several of which use already so just on a personal level itís very nice to have top-ups. There are also a couple of brands I havenít used before so the box is proving to be both fun and discovery.

Caroline Barnes Beauty Box

So, letís start! First up, new to me is Sculpted by Aimee Liquid Lights Guilded Glow. I attended a Zoom event recently where one of the presenters was wearing something very similar on her lids and it looked stunning so thatís where Iíll be applying this first. You can mix it with moisturiser (go very lightly), foundation or gloss Ė anything that needs a bit of extra light to it or just apply as a highlighter. Itís a very versatile product. Next is the elf Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow in Purple Reign and I donít think I need to explain that at all Ė itís for the days when you feel the disco! The Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick in Pink Brandy is one I bought myself after I saw Caroline wearing it Ė itís her cheer-up colour and is just deliciously face brightening.

Caroline Barnes Beauty Box

Next up, James Read Gradual Tan Drops which I am very much looking forward to trying Ė Iím a fan of tan drops but often find I need extra moisture, so enter Murad Intense Recovery Cream which will do very nicely. Itís really for skin that needs calming and intense hydrating but I love this product Ė I reviewed it a while back and itís great if your skin is being weather reactive.

Caroline Barnes Beauty Box

Thereís also a set of two brushes from Spectrum Ė use them for foundation, creme blush or powders, and Kate Somerville Exfolikate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment which has long since been a favourite for almost instantly glowy skin although because my skin is having a sensitive moment, Iíll wait to use it.

Caroline Barnes Beauty Box

Then thereís the 12 pan palette from Illamasqua Ė a mix of bold and neutrals to dip your brush into. Itís just an easy wear all round even if you prefer a mono-lid as I do. I like the brown and purple for darker lids and any of those neutral shades as a lid brightening, face wakening wear. So, itís really a very complete box and I havenít paid any attention to the Daniel Sandler blush and the lovely Trish McEvoy liner which I would (and will) wear in a heart beat.

Caroline Barnes Beauty Box

This is a brilliant value box Ė that Murad cream is worth £68 alone, the James Read Tan is £30, ditto the brush set and the Illamasqua palette is £39. In all, the box has a value of £241. Itís by no means a Ďcheapí box to buy at £74 but I have often recommended splitting the box into presents if you have friends and family that love a beauty gift so itís very cost effective in that sense Ė but donít feel shy to keep it all for yourself! Iíve got £10 off the price for BBB readers which brings it to £64 for £241 of product Ė it doesnít feel like there is a Ďfillerí product anywhere because everything is from great brands and each item has its own purpose.

Caroline Barnes Beauty Box

Iíve done a quick swatch of some items Ė first is Pink Brandy lipstick, then elf Purple Reign, then Sculpted By Aimee and finally Watercolour Liquid Blush is So Pretty. The link is HERE and use BBB10 at checkout.

Non affiliate is HERE.

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