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[sample/affiliate/AD] Wait! Did we forget about face masks? Iíve seen so many skin care products but relatively few masks amongst them and yet the right mask for your skin can be a game changer in your routine. Iíve been rediscovering Liz Earle masks for the past few days and far from thinking multi-masking is a fad, Iím convinced that, in moderation, itís really the best way to give your skin the boost it needs.

Discovering Liz Earle Masks AD

Iíve long since advocated using your face mask in the mornings particularly when it comes to mattifying or glow making Ė it really makes no sense to sleep on your beautiful oil-free complexion or your lovely glowing skin when you could spend the day enjoying it!† If your skin is prone to oiliness and shine, the Liz Earle Mask to choose here is the Deep Cleansing Clay Mask. Generally, I donít have oil and shine but there are days when my nose looks positively radiant Ė in all the wrong ways. Deep Cleansing uses manuka honey, green clay and aloe vera, so while being swift to mattify and cleanse, it wonít dry out your skin. However, I need to caveat that by saying if you have very sensitive skin, it may not for you. Itís a good mask for targeting specific areas, such as nose and chin Ė you might not need to use it all over your face.

Discovering Liz Earle Masks ADAs a quick reminder, Liz Earle masks are leaping bunny certified and ethically sourced. Use the Deep Clay Cleansing Mask a couple of times a week for five to ten minutes before rinsing away.

Discovering Liz Earle Masks AD

Iíll be the first to put my hands up to being a multi-mask sceptic, but it does make sense to treat what is needed. My natural masking choice from the Liz Earle collection is the Hydrating Cream Mask because the blend of shea butter, apricot kernel seed oil and borage seed oil are just such a treat for the dehydrated. The mask is cool to the touch (putting cold mask on just woken-up skin is bracing!) and so soothing itís the least possible bother to sit in bed and sip your tea or coffee for ten minutes, but if you donít have time, pull back your hair and wear it while pouring the cornflakes or buttering the toast. My foundation goes on like a dream afterwards and my skin feels fresher.

Discovering Liz Earle Masks AD

You can use the Hydrating Cream Mask as often as you like and the moisture will last all day. Leave it on for a good ten minutes before using a warm cloth to remove.

Discovering Liz Earle Masks AD

Even I get confused over what it is best for what in the myriad of masks. Brightening Clay Mask needs no explanation and can be used by all skin types for a perkier looking complexion but it works particularly well for oil-prone. Youíll feel it on your skin with a mild tingle which I actually felt as more cooling than tingling and youíll only need to leave it on your skin for up to two minutes. The formula uses white clay, witch hazel, aloe vera and camphor. This is a great mask to pop on while youíre brushing your teeth as they both require the same amount of time (but we all know that†sometimes that goal doesnít, er, get achieved, so 30 seconds is fine ;-)). The thing youíll notice most is smoothness and radiance. If you have sensitive skin, the Balancing Gel Mask is a top choice Ė it will do the same work as the Brightening Clay Mask more gently Ė meadowsweet and lime flower are calming by nature Ė with a little toning action too.

Discovering Liz Earle Masks AD

Masks can often be about more than skin concerns Ė theyíre quick and effective ways to pay attention to yourself even in the midst of chaos. If you love to soak in a bath with a mask and a good book in the evenings, then do so, especially the Hydrating Cream Mask which makes a lovely night time treat. But if itís hard to find the time, a splash and dash is just fine Ė this collection has all the versatility you need for the time you have. The Liz Earle masks are £21 HERE. While Iím here, Iíd also like to highlight the Skin Repair Bundle for £49.50 HERE that has a value of £122. There are three options Ė Light, Rich or Gel Ė and the set is 8 products. Always check out the Liz Earle offer page HERE because they are strong on great value bundles.

*I have worked with Liz Earle for this post on a sponsored basis.

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