Eyeko Cocoa Edit: A Long-Wearing Liquid Liner Loaded With Pigment!



I guess Iím not the only person who thinks Eyekoís Cocoa Edit liquid liner ($22) is all that because itís sold out in all the usual haunts (including Ulta, where I just added myself to a restock notification list). BAH! Still, SO. SUPER. GOOD.

Itís a rich, intense, dark chocolate brown with a shiny finish and a long-wearing formula that just keeps going. I can wear it all day, and it wonít transfer into my crease or smudge along my lower lash line, yet when itís time to take off my makeup at night, it easily slips off with an oil-based cleanser.

The thin felt tip is long enough for me to easily draw an uninterrupted line from inner to outer corner, and because the tipís flexible, I can flick the ends of my lines with very little drama. When Iím done, my liner is crisp and sharp with a shiny finish.

Itís so much better compared to the Clinique Easy Pen liner in brown. I bought it a while back thinking it would be just as life changing as the black Easy Pen liner, but the brown version isnít nearly as pigmented as the black one, and it lacks staying power.

Hopefully Ulta will restock Cocoa Edit soon, and when they do, Iím buying two!

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P.S. Speaking of things to fall in love with, get thee to Trader Joeís and buy a pack or two of these Rosemary Croissant Croutons, and then thank me later.


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