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Spring is finally here, heralding warmer weather, shorter hemlines and a renewed sense of purpose. With balmier days comes the urge to refresh skin care routines and wardrobes. To help you navigate the season in style, Iíve compiled a list of dos and doníts designed to nourish the body and relax the mind. From ideas for spring makeup to de-stressing hacks you can easily incorporate in your everyday life, the following guide is all about finding pleasure in daily routines, and taking better care of yourself to create a happier and healthier headspace.

Read on to explore ten self-care ideas for spring!


Do: Let your skin breathe.

If youíve pulled out all the stops to prevent dry skin during winter with heavy-duty moisturizers and facial oils, now is the time to switch to lightweight options in refreshing textures. Anchor your skin care routine with indispensable items like a gentle cleanser, a herb-based essence and a two-in-one moisturizer that functions as both day and night creams. For a spring-worthy glow that will last well into summer, treat yourself regularly to sleeping masks designed to supply skin with moisture. For makeup coverage, itís time to whip out the BB creams, but remember to go for formulas with beneficial skin care ingredients and added SPF.

Donít: Keep reaching for neutral shades when doing your eye makeup.

Eye makeup in pinks, golds and browns are no-brainers for soft glam looks, but this spring, consider ditching these familiar shades for more experimental colors. To evoke alternative glam, donít be afraid to go bold with turquoise, green and neon yellow eye makeup, which can all be blended to suit most skin tones. Alternatively, keep things artfully messy with dramatically smudged eyeliner, and pair with a glossy lip for extra impact. If youíre looking to jump onto the Y2K bandwagon, then go for the 2022 take on frosted lids. Soft, subdued and easy to create with liquid eye shadow and extra dabs of glitter, this eye makeup look proves that pastels can be edgy.


Do: Listen to your body and respect its limits.

Respect your bodyís signals and refrain from pushing it to the limit. If a HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workout proves challenging, consider a brisk walk instead, whether itís around your neighborhood or a trail in the woods. Thereís nothing like getting outside and breathing in fresh air to up energy levels. Lacking that extra motivation to go out and get active? Transform the lull into a dress-up opportunity by pulling out your best athleisure wear Ė think bra top and biker shorts, or tank tops and sweatpants.

Cool and hydrate the body while youíre at it by blending a smoothie on the go, and then recover and relax post-workout by slipping into a scented bath. As for food, locate the sweet spot between constant indulgence and constant calorie-counting by eating mindfully. Say yes to an extra round of dim sum if youíre far from full, but refrain from dessert if youíre simply craving a sugar rush.

Donít: Stay up too late on a Netflix marathon.

How many times have you promised to go to bed earlier only to end up hitting the sack in pre-dawn hours? For me, itís usually because I end up bingeing one of the latest Netflix hits before collapsing into bed at 3 am. This spring, kick-start a better bedtime routine to get sufficient beauty sleep. That means staying away from electronics just before bedtime and allowing your revved-up brain to rest. Instead of mindless scrolling on your phone, engage in relaxing pleasurable activities like sipping hot chocolate from a cute cup, or massaging your skin with a gua sha tool. Dressing the part helps too, so get in the mood by slipping into comfy PJs, like this cute gingham set in pink. To ensure you drift off to sleep easily, donít forget to slip on this fabric eye mask, which comes in a range of pastel colors.


Do: Stay connected to your inner child.

If youíve been suppressing your kidult instincts for a somber, grown-up mindset, maybe itís time to tap into your unjaded and child-like self. Start small by adding kawaii touches to different aspects of your life, whether itís a phone case showcasing a doodle-like illustration, a book stand with a whimsical print of a pet reading a book, or a sheet mask in a cartoon pug print. Continue to embrace an open mind and curious worldview. Once youíve re-connected with your inner child, itís only a matter of time before the feelgood vibes start flowing.

Donít: Let your anxieties fester.

Spring is all about fresh starts. For those who are feeling frazzled despite the beautiful weather, combat fatigue and anxiety by immersing yourself in a comforting hobby that requires absolute attention. If making pizza from scratch sounds daunting, then focus on something simpler yet therapeutic, like journaling, baking an easy cupcake recipe or perfecting your makeup blending skills. Alternatively, turn up the speakers and play your favorite tunes to dance off your anxiety! After successfully recharging, youíll find yourself in a much better position to deal with stresses in your life. As for the things beyond your control, itís time to accept uncertainties in everyday life and to stop worrying.


Do: Spring clean.

Spring cleaning is more than just clearing away junk and adding a pot plant to your desk. It involves creating a calmer, cleaner and comfier living environment by re-assessing the value of each item in your room Ė is it beautiful, useful, or simply taking up space? From decluttering your desk with storage solutions in cool designs to moving your home work station next to an open window, small tweaks can make all the difference.

Donít: Be afraid of minimalism.

While going spartan isnít for everyone, even those whose personal style leans OTT can get inspired by minimalist aesthetics. If youíre all about colorful and flamboyant items, itís all the more important that you exercise restraint when decorating. By tapping into the spirit of minimalism, in the form of smart desk organizers and no-frills knick-knacks, youíll be better equipped to decide whether that psychedelic wall print should stay or go, especially when youíve already hung up those iridescent curtains.


Do: Go bold and quirky while embracing comfort.

With party shoes and dressy ensembles firmly relegated to the recent past, fashion this season is all about embracing comfy cuts and fabrics while showcasing bold colors and quirky details. From the love for all things Y2K to cottagecore fashion, itís all about staying playful and optimistic when it comes to clothing. For an effervescent yet effortless look, go for flirtatiously cut items in eye-popping shades, like this lime green knit top, hot pink mini skirt and yellow plaid dress. For an extra peppy touch, opt for a bag in a mood-boosting color.

Donít: Pack away your winter wardrobe just yet.

As warmer weather approaches, itís still wise to have a cardigan, jacket or blazer within reach, especially when nights get chilly. A cropped denim jacket is perfect for dealing with capricious spring weather while infusing an outfit with grungy edge. If you lean preppy, then make room in your wardrobe for oversized blazers and loose-fit shirts, both of which pair well with sexy spring-appropriate tops for looks combining tomboy cool with collegiate flair.

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