Saturday Surfing, March 26, 2022!



Happy Saturday!

Good morning, beautiful girl! Im about to put on boots and long pants because I have a whole day of moving ahead of me.

Were not leaving the Bay Area (although thats crossed my mind more than once in the last couple years) just getting our place prepared because were finally getting new floors.

We were supposed to do the work back in the spring of 2020, but you know what went down. Sigh.

Anywho, better late than never! This means Ill be moving things in and out of the garage all day long. On the bright side, not only will the carpet Tabs (RIP, sweet boy) and Rosie have shredded to bits will finally be gone, but Ill also get to practice my squats today, ha ha ha!

Whats on the agenda on your end? Talk to me Ill need all the distraction I can get during my breaks from lifting boxes today.

This weeks reading

Todays mood!

Love me some Erykah.

Im totally watching this!

I hope your morning has been good so far and that the rest of your day is smooth sailing.

Take care. ?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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