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[unpaid/sample] Lately Iíve seen Gen See beauty everywhere on Instagram Ė itís catching the attention of everyone for being the next gen Glossier. On purpose or by luck, the Gen See creators have made a perfect mid-life make-up range Ė pared back, multi-purpose and responsibly packaged. Theyíre using PCR, mono materials (for easier recycling) and alternative plastics made from renewable sources. Even the cartons are 100% recycled materials. You will have to take what you like from the Ďcleaní claim which has no industry definition but if you include ethical practice in the whole picture as well as a high percent of natural origin, and all of the above, itís operating at a level that many brands aspire to.

Gen See Beauty Review

One of the products I liked straight away is the Clean Sheen Lip & Cheek Colour that does actually work nicely on both. Iím not a fan of matte lipsticks but thereís a single gloss thatís clear so you can wear your lipstick either matte or shiny (or if you have a clear gloss at home, you can use that). Itís the things that arenít there that I like about this Ė itís like a beauty basics wardrobe that you can add around if you like and if you donít, fine.

Gen See Beauty Review

The brow powder gel is in three shades, there are two shades of liquid matte shadow in neutral tones, three shades of metallic shadow and four shades of matte lipstick. I donít feel completely overwhelmed when I look at their site but I do feel that I can put a face together.

Gen See Beauty Review

Yes, the lipsticks really are this bright! You will never lose them at the bottom of your handbag. Theyíre not quite as sophisticated in texture as premium mattes Ė theyíre a little powdery Ė but if you want to add some clear balm under it, youíll get more dewiness from it but not high shine. Personally, I think these would be great tinted balm shades Ė I hope thatís next. In the picture (L-R), itís Selma, Margaret and Rosie. There is a red too called Irene. Theyíre £18 each HERE. The clear gloss is £16, the brow powder £18.

Gen See Beauty Review

In the swatch, bottom to top, itís Rosie, Margaret and Selma.

Gen See Beauty Review

My favourites are the Cheek and Lip colours Ė super easy to wear on either cheeks or lips. Theyíre sheer but with enough colour to make their presence known. The translucency is really what makes them such winner Ė start low and build as you like Ė Iíve even done a sparing lid wash with Apricot and itís pretty.† The shades in the swatch from bottom to top are Apricot, Apple and Plum. Theyíre £16 each HERE and I think will last an absolute age because you need so little of it. I really like what I see here but canít help drawing a parallel with Glossier Ė itís similar in many ways Ė and I like that brand too. So, itís just more of a good thing ?

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