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[unpaid/sample] I met up with Aimee Connolly last week and spent a very fun filled 45 minutes with her Ė things were definitely livened up by the news that Lewis Hamilton was rumoured to be staying at the hotel so we all had one eye on the exit. Itís often so much more useful to meet brand founders than attend events because you have a small shot of knowing something real about the owner. I went to an event a couple of weeks ago and didnít even stay for the second half because it was just a blowing smoke exercise Ė I already liked the brand, and didnít feel an hour of them telling us how great it is was a good use of time. I thought I was getting more mellow but perhaps not! Anyway, Aimee was really so delightful Ė after the initial awkward ten minutes we ended up having fun and laughing a lot. Sheís sparky, genuine and clever. I said that she had created the perfect brand for mid-life women maybe accidentally, but she knows she has and uses her mum as reference often. I think the thing about Aimee is that she sees you Ė sheís making both wearable and aspirational make-up. If you want to look like you just stepped off Love Island (and lots of people do), itís there. If you want to look understated with fresh and dewy skin, itís also there. Iíve worn little else since I tried her Skin Tint and Creme Blush so this post covers a lip product, the Lip Duo, which I didnít think Iíd like, but do. Itís a long time since anyone has persuaded me to use lip liner (life is too short for worrying over wobbly lines) but Aimee suggested using the lip liner over†the lipstick and it works.

Sculpted by Aimee Lip Duo

These Lip Duos have a liner at one end and a creamy lipstick at the other. If you use a lip liner regularly, itís a very handy thing to have the two things in one go and if you donít but would like to, youíre unlikely to forget. You donít end up taking the wrong lid off because the liner end is slimmer and immediately recognisable as such.

Sculpted by Aimee Lip Duo

Of the two I was given, Pink Pair and Match, Pink Pair suits me best. Using the liner after Iíve applied the lipstick just gives lips some natural definition that you can blend with your finger tip or a brush so it looks seamless. Itís not obvious unless you want it to be.

Sculpted by Aimee Lip Duo

These shades are very similar Ė the bottom is Pink Pair and the top is Mauve Match but Iím slightly scratching my head because Pink doesnít seem very pink and Mauve doesnít seem very mauve. Itís probably better to see the swatches on their own website because I canít get the camera to bring out the pinks. Theyíre definitely on the nude spectrum Ė a bit Charlotte Tilbury in that respect. Iím going to get hold of some of the gloss because I think that might be more my thing, but if you like a creamy, low sheen lipstick and youíd like subtle lip definition, itís for you. If you prefer dewy, hold on til Iíve reviewed the gloss. In fact, I think I might do the Top 5 Midlife Best Buys Ö You can find the Sculpted by Aimee Lip Duo HERE. Itís £17 which feels reasonable to me.

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