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Brand Description

A limited number of Diorskin Rouge Blush specially designed to celebrate the renewal of the Omotesando boutique is now available in the official online boutique.

The motif is full of the elaborateness of the torso in a haute couture dress.

Inspired by the atelier of Christian Dior in silence, where you can only hear the sound of scissors and needles passing through the cloth, the Maison is a homage to his most brilliant creations.

Under the roof of the atelier at 11 Francis I, in the heart of Paris, Diorís Torso is an iconic bar, from his suit to a sensual color skirt, with the special clothing created by Christian Dior in 1947. I wore it first.

Diorskin Rouge Blush, a rich color with plenty of pigments, colors your cheeks with a beautiful, uplifting complexion that lasts for a long time. Whether itís a soft and fluffy impression or a vivid and bold finish, his color is a couture that allows you to freely adjust the density to your liking.

Shade: 365 Tokyo Chic Ė pink


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