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[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] I think I must be slower than I used to be Ė this week is so busy but Iím sure that I used to be able to fit everything in and now Iím having to go at 100 mph to do 70 mph of work! Anyone else? So, I will say ahead that when I tested the new Monika Blunder Undercover Face Creme at the weekend, I knew it wasnít for me because I like creams that leave my skin feeling more flexible and dewy. However, Blunder Cover was one of the most popular bases Iíve ever featured on my site Ė one of the very useful things about affiliate links is that you can accurately track what people like to buy so I know that it was a winner.


Personally, I think this creme is for those who like a mattified skin finish before applying a base. It does take a little working in but you can almost feel it wrapping your complexion Ė well, I say almost, you can. As far as ingredients go, the creme contains alpine rose, edelweiss and mountain arnica (itís formulated and made in Germany) and acts as a gripper for your foundation. So, if you have a tendency to lose your base as the day wears on I think you will find that this extends the life of it.

Monika Blunder Undercover Face Cream

Itís lush and silky to the touch so you think it will be dewy on the skin Ė but it isnít. The more I think of it, the more I think itís a genius formula for oily skin (or normal skin if you donít like dew) because it has all the right collagen stimulating factors, redness reduction ingredients and antioxidants. Omega 3 and 6 in rosehip oil, shea butter, squalane and something new to me Ė Pinolumin; an inflammation calming pine extract. Itís mightily priced at £85 HERE so itís a considered purchase but if you have got along well with Blunder Cover Base HERE you will find it a perfect partner.

Non-affiliate HERE.

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