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Brand Description

Tattoo Liner’s iconic waterproof all-day wear, now in an ultra-smooth gel pencil eyeliner in 10 high-pigment shades. Plus, it’s transfer-resistant and fade-resistant.

Tattoo Pencil Liner sets fast + locks in place for all-day wear on your lids and in your waterline.

Line it, smudge it, go graphic. Easy + versatile, just how you want your eyeliner to be. Create a reverse cat eye by smudging it out along the lower lash line.

In 10 matte shades, from kit-essentials like TROOPER BLACK + brown to high-impact cobalt + purple. The shade names were inspired by historical paints + pigments, so get artsy.  As always, Tattoo Pencil Liner is 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

Shades Include:

  • Diox Purple – bold amethyst
  • Blue Ashes – intense sapphire
  • Trooper Black – ultra-black
  • Madder Red – rust red
  • Azurite Blue – vibrant cobalt
  • Verdeta Green – deep emerald
  • Violet Hematite – antique violet
  • Magnetite Grey – smoke gray
  • Pyrolusite Brown – cool brown
  • Axinite Brown – warm brown


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