Saturday Surfing, April 9, 2022!



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Welcome to the weekend!

Well, hey there. How are ya doing? Welcome to Caturday and the weekend. WE MADE IT!

Iím about to embark upon another couple days of packing and moving. To say that Iíve been getting my squats in for the last couple weekends is an understatement, ha! Almost there, though. Hopefully the construction will be done mid-next week, either by Wednesday or Thursday.

After the work is done comes the really hard part ó organizing all the stuff thatís currently into boxes! Iím on a mission to declutter everything before summer starts, so Iíve been researching different methods. Iím very interested in this strategy called ďquieting,Ē which involves emptying everything out of a room (which Iíve already done, yay), and then only moving back items that you want, miss or need.

If youíve had any success with decluttering or organizing a jam-packed space, Iíd love to hear your thoughts.

Todayís reading

5 ways your face changes as you get wiser.

Love me some braids and some JVN!

Oui, oui.

Someone make this for me, please.

Our lips are sealed!

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend. ?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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