Sundays With Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Vol. 705



Let’s talk about cats and snacks.

You ever notice how fickle cats are when it comes to snacks? In my experience, cats are very particular about their snacks. One day they’ll be all about the crunchies. The next day they won’t have anything to do with said crunchies.

Tabs was a diva with respect to many things, but he was extra diva-licious about his snacks. He’d get on these kicks where he’d only eat a certain snack in a certain flavor at a certain time of day, and of course there was a specific quantity of treats that had to be met; otherwise he’d make me run laps.

I remember a time when he was all about flaky treats in a pouch that were in some kind of gravy consommé, and he wanted it served on his favorite bone white china plate. Sometimes he even demanded a tiny little spoon. (He never used the spoon, of course. He just liked having it there.) ?

Then there was this other type of treat, which was mostly gravy, and like…I was gonna say that there were other things in it, but no, it was all gravy… He insisted on pouring it into his mouth while he lounged languorously on his side like a feline Greek god. (My other hand was busy fanning him.)


Rosie has never demanded that I fan her while I feed her, but she is particular about her treats.

Whenever it’s treat time, we like to joke around that it’s ladies’ night, and yes, there’s a song involved. Yes, it’s ladies’ night, and the feeling’s right. Oh, yes, it’s ladies’ night. Oh, what a night (oh, what a niiiight!).

Her chattering gets next level, too, when the treats come out. She’s a talkative cat, but when the treats come out, she’s like an auctioneer! She talks a mile a minute about who knows what.

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