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The YesStylists are always eager to try out new brands! For the latest installment of Small Talk, we got our hands on five body lotions from ARTOIS, a newly launched Korean beauty brand at YesStyle. ARTOIS uses fragrances in its range of body care products including body lotion, body wash, sun care and hair styling products. Coming in different scents, the body lotions are named Song, Joe, Jar, Le Fieno and La Tulipe. Letís see what each editor has to say about these scented lotions!

Maureen: Itís springtime! I wonder if any of you have switched your skin care routine for this season already?

Agnes: I have! I swapped out the thicker formulas and creams for lightweight products. ?

Michelle: Me too! During spring weather, there are days when my skin feels super dry. ?

Zoe: Me too ~ I started changing my skin care routine in preparation for allergy season. ??

Melanie: Oh yes! My skin has been kinda dry lately.

Maureen: I recently discovered a body lotion from ARTOIS, a Korean brand now available at YesStyle thatís famous for its aromatic formulas. I feel like it might bring some spring vibes to my body care routine, plus the formula doesnít look heavy.

Zoe: Iím always up for skin care that smells good. ?

Agnes: Iíve never heard of ARTOIS before, but I like the sound of the brand. Any floral scent for spring does it for me!

Maureen: I googled the name Ė looks like itís a region in France. Should we all give it a try?

Agnes: YES! ?

Zoe: Iím game! Iíve been needing a body lotion for a while. ?

Michelle: Definitely intrigued Ė I love a good body lotion!

Melanie: Iím down!


Melanie: I tried the Song body lotion! It leaves behind refreshing citrus and floral scents that are just perfect for springtime! Which ones did you guys get?

Michelle: I got Le Fieno Ė I love the name! It comes with woody, musky and spicy scents that wake you up in the morning!

Maureen: Did u find out what Le Fieno means?

Michelle: Apparently ďfienoĒ means ďhayĒ in Italian, which fits with the earthy, woody vibes the body lotion gives off!

Maureen: I seeÖ I got La Tulipe. I guess itís French. I didnít see any tulip ingredients in the lotion, but the scent reminded me of that. Itís quite strong and unique, unlike the soapy, aqua or musk scents from the usual body lotions.

Agnes: I got the Jar body lotion, which has a nice blend of floral musk and earthy wood scents. The musk stood out the most for me, but overall, it has a great balance of aromas. ?

Zoe: I usually prefer a citrus-woody scent combination, so the Joe body lotion was a no-brainer for me. ? I love how it has a mossy base note too!

Melanie: Tbh, I found the scent of my Song version a bit overpowering, but luckily it faded away gradually so I didnít feel overwhelmed by it the whole day. ? ??

Agnes: At first, I thought the strong scent wouldnít sit well on my skin, but it was ok. I read somewhere that the brand caters to moms-to-be so I feel safe.

Zoe: Same here! It didnít irritate my skin at all. The scent also warmed up well to my body temperature.

Michelle: I was afraid the perfumed lotion would be irritating considering its overpowering scent, especially at first, but it was gentle on skin Ė to my surprise!

Zoe: I think the Joe lotion might be the most gender-neutral scent out of the batch. My boyfriend started using it. ?

Maureen: Does anyone know why the lotions are named Joe, Song and Jar?

Zoe: I thought Joe was a person that inspired the scent, lol. ?

Maureen: Thatís so random. ? I wish thereís a lotion out there with my name on it.

Agnes: Jar def seems kinda like a random name for a body lotion. Iíve yet to know why itís named that.

Maureen: Song could be a Korean surname.

Melanie: Oh, thatís interesting! ? I thought the name was related to a certain mood.

Maureen: ARTOIS also has a body lotion called Jimmy, but itís not available at YesStyle.

Agnes: Ahh, I see. Maybe Jar is a nickname for something. ?

Zoe: Jar is a pretty jarring name. ?

Agnes: LOL.

Maureen: What do you guys think about the lotionís texture? I find it quite versatile that I can probably use it all year round.

Michelle: Thankfully itís not too heavy, ? but the texture is still creamy enough to give me that pampered feeling.

Agnes: When I squeezed the lotion out of the bottle, I thought it looked quite dense, but the formula was pretty refreshing after spreading it on skin! This product is perfect for the warm months.

Zoe: I like its silky texture Ė not too heavy or thick Ė but like all perfumed hand and body lotions, it left a powdery after-feel, which Iím not a huge fan of.

Melanie: I love its rich, creamy texture! It made my skin smooth and hydrated. Post-shower, the body lotion left my skin feeling soft!

Zoe: Itís very moisturizing! It instantly softened and smoothed my dry heels. ?

Agnes: I felt like I was using a luxe skin care item because of the scent and silky texture. ?

Maureen: Yaas, the scent defo ups its luxe appeal.

Michelle: I love how skin-smoothing and non-sticky it is, but I feel it could be a tad more moisturizing. Maybe my skin is just going through a rough patch.? The scent makes up for it though.

Maureen: I used it on my arms and legs, but for heels, Iíd need a more moisturizing foot cream. ?

Agnes: It softened my skin, but for moisturizing power, Iíd give it a 7/10. In winter, it may not be enough to moisturize my skin.

Maureen: Iíll prob use something heavier for winter as well, but for spring this body lotion just fits.

Melanie: Yea, I agree with Agnes! Its moisturizing effect wasnít long-lasting. Less than an hour after applying, I had to reapply. ?

Michelle: Same here. But I love the fact that itís got naturally derived moisturizing ingredients in it, like macadamia seed oil, licorice root extract and Damask rose flower extract. ?

Maureen: It contains five plant extracts and four essential oils to reinforce the skinís moisture barrier.

Agnes: My Jar body lotion has licorice root extract in it too, along with dandelion and olive leaf extracts to repair skin damage while providing anti-aging benefits.

Maureen: I think all versions have the same extracts and essential oils?

Zoe: Yeah, mine has the same ingredients.

Melanie: I also noticed that this body cream doesnít just hydrate dry hands and cuticles, but it also helps repair my hangnails thanks to those ingredients. ??

Maureen: Overall, I think ARTOISís body lotion might not be moisturizing enough for dry skin, but if youíre into aromatic products and body oils, it should suffice.

Michelle: Yes! itís nice to get extra nourishment for my skin while smelling like Iíve just emerged from a spa.

Agnes: I agree! It helps create a spa-like experience at home. ? ?

Melanie: Although I donít see it as a daily cream, I think Iíd reach for it on days when I want to treat myself to a self-pampering sesh or whenever my skin needs extra nourishment. ?

Michelle: I like having it on my vanity as well Ė the packaging gives off major classical vibes! Plus, the colors are just right for S/S. ?

Maureen: Exactly, esp when my La Tulipe version is in pink. ?


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