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Signs & Attires

Spring is here and it’s time to freshen up your beauty looks for the season! We’ve pulled up intriguing spring beauty trends from the spring/summer 2022 Fashion Week runways that each of the signs can try. Keep scrolling for ideas to up your spring makeup looks game. 

Aries: Dagger Liner Look

This season’s fiercest eyeliner look is the dagger liner! Spotted in the Chloé S/S 2022 fashion show, the surf-punk liner rendition is created by makeup artist Hannah Murray, who presented the look in classic jet black and uber-cool neon orange. To recreate the look, use a thin eyeliner brush to map out the desired angle and shape. Start by drawing on the inner corner of the eye, and leave the upper and lower lash lines out for negative space effect. Lastly, draw a long flick from the outer corner of eye to past the brow. Pro tip: keep the flick as horizontal as possible based on the natural contour of your eyes. Create this eye makeup look on a fresh face or a light layer of foundation, and you’re good to go!

Taurus: Fresh & Dewy Skin

Ottolinger’s spring show reflects how post-pandemic comfort influences fashion as the models wore a mix of futuristic athleisure and underwear, complete with healthy and natural-looking skin. The fresh-faced, barely-there makeup look includes a glaze-like finish that gives off the impression of well-moisturized skin. The looks were crafted by makeup artist Isamaya Ffrench, who matched the luminously clean, dewy skin finish with subtle earth-tone colors on the lips and eyelids. 

Gemini: Minimalist Nails

Not everyone is ready to bid farewell to their dark nail polishes just because winter is over. The chic, minimalist nails seen on Peter Do’s spring runway, created with JINsoon’s nail lacquers, are the perfect way to transition to spring without forgoing your dark nail colors. The minimalist nail look is like a reversal of the French manicure – the design boasts wearable everyday appeal while being edgy. Composed of a sheer or nude base, each nail is topped with a flowing black line along the periphery of the nail and edge of the nail bed. The key is to use a thin brush to outline the inner curves before filling in the shape. 

Cancer: Y2K Hair Accessories

If you’re a fan of the Y2K looks of last season, you’re going to love the fun and youthful hairdos from Victor Glemaud’s latest S/S show. The models rocked bubble hair ties in high braids and ponytails that matched their monochrome beachwear and loungewear in a color palette of Pepto-Bismol pink and highlighter yellow. While this hairdo may not be flattering for everyone, you can swap your regular hair ties for bolder, Y2K-inspired versions to give your ponytail a refreshing upgrade. 

Leo: Gloss & Glitter

When you think of Y2K beauty, glossy or glittery looks on sun-kissed skin come to mind. Belgian makeup artist Inge Grognard revived all of that for Bluemarine’s spring show, adorning models with plenty of gloss on skin along with hair and body glitter. If the whole look is a bit too Coachella for your liking, go for Y2K glossy lips with the help of a lip gloss or a glassy lip tint!

 Virgo: Slick Hair & Mid-Partings

If you thought flat ironed hair and mid-partings were long-gone trends, think again. The S/S 2022 runways in several cities around the world showed many models styled with a center hair parting, so the look is definitely trending! Perhaps this isn’t your usual hair parting, but professional hair stylists will tell you that partings aren’t fixed. Define your new hair parting when hair is still damp, and blow dry it in place. To minimize heat damage, apply leave-in hair treatment or hair oil on your locks first before running your tresses through hair irons and straighteners.


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