Dior Tobacolor Perfume Review



Dior Tobacolor Perfume Review
Dior Tobacolor Perfume Review

Dior Tobacolor Eau de Parfum is a smoky tobacco and sweet peach affair. Initially, the smoky tobacco, which was less sweet and more like lit tobacco, seemed at odds with the sweeter, candied fruits and honeyed warmth of the opening. The smokiness resolved over time and seemed more blended and woven with what ended up being mostly honeyed peach, even in the drydown.

It is described as having an “ambery trail” that “combines the scent of hookah embers with fresh, fruity notes” with “tobacco” and “plum and peach” with “golden tones of honeyed notes.” The notes are listed as: tobacco, honey, smoke, white tobacco, plum, amber, peach, and citruses.

It opened with a slightly tart citrus coupled with juicy peach that had tobacco smoke that felt drier and darker, less sweet, drifting across the medley of fruits. An sweet, golden honey followed shortly after, which seemed to mix thoroughly with the fruits leaving a fruity, honeyed trail that was less definable by specific fruit.

The fruits started off juicier but candied quickly, while the tobacco was dry and smoky, not quite as blended with the honeyed, candied fruits–mostly peach–as it seemed to separate from the fruits a bit when smelled. The drier tobacco smoke seemed to incorporate over the next half hour with the honeyed fruits and were finally more blended after an hour.

It remained a smoky tobacco and honeyed peach blend for the remainder of its wear; the drydown just seemed softer and a little less golden, touch darker, but not as ambery as I would have expected (based on the description).


For testing, I used 1/3 of a 0.7ml sample vial dabbed to the underside and topside of my wrist area on my left arm. I used an unscented moisturizer prior to applying the scent as this is also my swatching arm (aka, incredibly parched at any given moment) as I found scent did not hold well here otherwise. 

I purchased my sample in January 2022; fragrances are known to be reformulated over their lifetime , so be mindful of when a review was made, e.g. a review from 2010 may not reflect what the same-named perfume smells like in 2022.


It lasted for five hours until it was a skin-scent and about 10 hours before it was quite difficult to detect on my skin. The sillage and projection were moderate for the first three hours of wear.

Personal Thoughts

One of the earlier peachy scents in my trials, and I learned that the rendition here was too sweet and for too long; it ended up being more cloying to me over time and I wanted something to offset the candied vibe–that’s me just not being bowled over by sweeter scents, though. I can see why it’s a scent others love, as I know sweeter scents can be quite popular!

Available Sizes

  • 250ml for $350
  • 125ml for $260
  • 40ml for $125

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