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As a busy mom, I donít always have the time to go to the spa. Ok, I almost never go to the spa! Creating an at-home spa kit is a great way to get some self-care in and treat yourself with some kindness. These kits also make a great gift for Motherís Day or for an in-home date with your significant other.†

How to Make a Home Spa†Kit

There are a lot of different options for a spa day at home. I like to create a relaxing atmosphere (hello, wine and candles!) and treat my body with some natural skincare pampering, like a home facial. If youíre just making something to use at home right away, you donít need to worry about microbes and spoiling. If youíre giving your home spa†kit as a holiday gift or for another special occasion, then there are some more ground rules youíll need to follow.

A spa gift set needs shelf-stable products. Unless youíre using preservatives, that means no water. Itís a lot harder to have stress relief when your homemade mask smells like last Tuesdayís leftovers.†

Many of my masks are made with simple, real food ingredients, like mashed avocado or banana. Others, like my clay mask, are primarily dry ingredients. Itís easy enough to include a cute card with directions to mix with water right before using.†

What to Put in the Home Spa Set

Spa Gift Basket

Choosing which items go in the basket is almost as fun as choosing the basket itself. A woven basket, a small metal bucket, or a reusable bin are all good ideas for a gift box. This way the recipient will have something they can repurpose around the house or regift to someone else.†

And donít forget to gather cute jars and containers to put your DIY spa treatments in. Mason jars, small metal tins, and glass jars are all good options. It just depends on which items youíre making.

Assembling Your Home Spa Kit†

Here are some recipes that create a spa experience at home and make great gift ideas. Most of these recipes are good for all skin types, but a few are better for oily or dry skin. Pick and choose which ones you want to add to your kit.†

I like to use bulkier items like soaks, bath salts, and scrubs to fill up more space in the basket. Then fill it in with smaller items, like lip balm, body oil, and face serums. Iíve separated the categories below by areas of the body. This way itís easy to include DIY skincare items for the whole body.

You can also create cute labels to put on each one so gift recipients know how to use them.

Moisturizers and Body Lotion

Body Scrubs


Face Scrubs



Face Moisturizers



Miscellaneous Home Spa Kit Items

Donít forget to throw in a bottle of natural wine or some relaxing herbal tea blends. Chamomile is a tried and true staple! Before hopping in the bath, you can treat your skin to some dry brushing to boost lymphatic flow. A small, soft body brush is a great addition to a home spa kit gift too. Finish setting the scene with some beeswax candles and take some time to relax, mama!

How do you take some time and relax? What are your favorite ways to pamper yourself a little? Leave us a comment and be sure to share this post with a friend!


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