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[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] I think many of you will already know Sali Hughes, Guardian beauty columnist and Instagram content creator. She’s linked up with Makeup Revolution to create a skin care line that’s more budget friendly than most just when we need it most. I think everyone is scaling back or at least making their beauty purchases more considered after the lock down skin care smash and grab – I think back to that time and there’s something very poignant about finding grounding points when everything was so out of kilter. If skin care soothed you in some small way then it was a worthwhile investment. Everyone’s budget is different and we can say that skin care caters to everyone in that way – I’ve had amazing top of the range products and surprisingly great ridiculously cheap products. I think Sali’s range will appeal to those who want to downgrade their spend but not their routine.

Revolution x Sali Hughes Skin Care

So, as I only got samples on Tuesday this is very much a top line review, although I love the immediacy of a cleanser – it either cleans well or it doesn’t! So, I’ll start there – Butterclean is a light balm; if you like a very thick and unctuous texture it’s not for you but if you like a texture that feels airy and that the oil has only just turned to balm, it is definitely for you. Actually, I was impressed with this – I love a cleansing balm – because it really did take off all of my make up and that includes mascara. It was so easy to massage in and no bother whatsoever to take off. Key ingredients are caprylic/capric triglyceride (coconut oil and glycerin combined usually), squalane, safflower oil, hyaluronic acid and propanediol (moisturising). It’s £15 HERE. Next up is Clean Sheet, a morning cleanser. I have to be honest and say the times I can be bothered to cleanse in the morning I can count on one hand but everyone’s routine is personal to them – Clean Sheet is a gel to milk wash-off containing oat amino acids, fruit enzymes, vitamin E, glycerin and hyaluronic acid. I’d like to say I’m a convert because this did leave my skin feeling very silky and soft as well as clean, and a good base on which to add SPF/moisturiser/serum or whatever is next,  I probably will remain full of good intentions when it comes to morning skin care. It’s £10 HERE which feels like an absolute bargain (and you don’t have to use it in the morning – you can use it whenever you like!).

Revolution x Sali Hughes Skin Care

Cream Drench (wearing it right now) is pretty much an any time moisturiser – day or night – because it’s not to heavy for day and yet still does a good moisture saturation over night. I can’t pinpoint the fragrance exactly but like the other products, there’s something a bit ‘clean washing’ about it and I really like it. If you can’t tolerate fragrance, then this range isn’t for you and likewise if you don’t get along with hyaluronic. I’m fine with both so I have no issues. At £14 HERE I don’t think you’ll be disappointed – key ingredients are squalane, hyaluronic, niacinamide, glycerin and ceramides. It’s what I’d recommend as a starting point along with the balm if you’re interested in exploring this range.

Revolution x Sali Hughes Skin Care

Placid is an AHA/BHA acid exfoliant – if you use Pixi Tonic or similar this is on the same track. These tonics do make a difference to the skin both in terms of look and feel. Again, this is so topline for this product but the acids are salicylic, tranexamic, glycolic and malic, with a side order of propanediol, glycerin and hyaluronic. I wanted to say that I’d recommend more for oily skin but really, I think it’s for all skin types because the ingredient balance is there. Placid is HERE and it’s £14. The final product is Must-C – a daily serum that I haven’t tried yet – I want a bit more time with it. I know there is also a gel moisturiser on its way.

Revolution x Sali Hughes Skin Care

Can you tell I’ve discovered glue dots? Expect many things stuck interestingly to other things :-). The upshot for this range – and quick disclaimer which I think you already know that Sali is a friend and colleague – is that it is a more than decent skin care line based on thorough ingredients that will do the job they’re designed for without the flashy extras or breaking the bank. It’s not awash with claims, doesn’t mention age (that I can find), isn’t trying to greenwash or over-promise… in fact, it’s very much as though marketing was not allowed anywhere near it!  The product collection is really very straightforward – and is for anyone and everyone with only a couple of caveats as mentioned (fragrance, hyaluronic) – and you can easily dip in and out or mix and match with your existing skin care.



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