Guess the adoptable pet’s name in six guesses or less!



Start of the game!

Iím excited to introduce something that Iíve been working on with the Temptalia team to bring this concept to life! We just launched Adoptle, which is a quick game where you have six guesses to figure out the name of that dayís adoptable pet. Each day, at 9PM PT/midnight ET, a new, adoptable pet will be featured and you can play again to see if you can guess their name in six guesses or less. You can head over to play Adoptle here or keep reading to learn more about it.

If youíve played Wordle, or any of its many variations, it should look somewhat familiar. Adoptle features a flexible grid, so the answers range from four to eight letters, and weíve made it so you can guess shorter words than the answerís length, if desired. So if you want to use ADIEU as your starting word, you still can, even if the answer is longer than five letters!

How to play

You have six guesses to figure out the correct answer, which will the name of the adoptable dog or cat of the day. The name could be a regular word, say Biscuit, or it could more commonly used as a name, like Martin. When you get a letter in the correct position, it will highlight with teal. When you get a letter that is in the answer, but not in the correct position, it will highlight olive. Any letters that are not in the answer will go gray. There is also a dark mode available for those who prefer that display setting.

Example of adoptable pet (not todayís answer!)

Whether you get it wrong or right, after youíve made your six guesses, youíll see the dayís adoptable pet. Noodle, above, was one of our test doggos that we used during development, but you can view his adoption page!

Weíre currently highlighting animals from shelters around the United States, nearer to major cities (like Phoenix, Los Angeles, etc.). In my dream world, weíll be able to later fill an archive of Adoptles that have been adopted. We are also looking to work with specific shelters and rescues that are doing particularly good work in the space and to highlight animals that are special needs, seniors, or have just been waiting for their fur-ever home for a very long time.

Try Hard Guides is hubbyís third gaming website (the other two were acquired), and itís something that Iíve been working on part-time as well, which has been new and exciting for me to be part of the start of the journey (Temptalia† is a well-oiled machine at this point, itís old hat!). Itís also been interesting working more closely with Shaun, my husband, on a day-to-day basis. Sometimes we joke that weíve been together a lot longer than 17 years since we have been in each otherís pockets for almost 15 of those years (living together, working from home, working together, etc.).

Iíve always loved word puzzles and gamesĖI used to burn through logic puzzle grids, word searches, and unscrambling games (I miss you Yahoo! Word Racer). Hubby and I even met playing a game of unscrambling words and sentences in a chat room over 20 years ago. Even now, I enjoy games that donít require a lot of commitment or time, where you donít have to grind through levels or spend 20 hours to beat the game.† I hope youíll indulge me when I do some cross-promotion from time to time as this has been a fun and creative outlet for me.


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