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Hello, Saturday!

Good morning, friend. Guess what? It’s CATURDAY! Rosie-Pose kindly reminded us of this by dragging a bag of beef jerky up the stairs and into our room in the wee hours. Of course, she mewled the entire time, loudly and obnoxiously, to let us know that she had captured her “prey.”

(Apparently she got into El Hub’s work bag and found his stash of snacks, LOL!)

laura mercier rose gold 2
Happy Caturday from Rosie-Pose, the beef jerky bag huntress

This week’s reading

Love her and her cat!

Give me all the tips, JVM. My hair needs the TLC!

Oh yes.

Featuring El Debarge!

I want to eat all the things.



It’s a skill you can develop.

Get rid of your sun mustache.

What’s the plan for this weekend? Are you doing anything fun? If you are, please let me join you in spirit because I will be cleaning and organizing all weekend long.

It’s been two weeks since construction on our place ended, and we’re still living out of boxes. I’m really trying to take my time to figure out what to keep and what to donate, and it’s taking forever!

We’re also trying to find furniture that will 1) solve our storage issues, 2) fits the space properly and 3) hold up. Side note: why is everything made with flimsy particle board? If you have any affordable, well-made furniture brands to recommend that aren’t super pricey, please let me know.

Anywho, my goal is to have the place comfortable and ready for friends and visitors by June. On today’s agenda is to clean the windows to prepare them for new window treatments. I’m thinking automated roller shades are the way to go because they’re minimalist and not too fussy.

Fun stuff! And yes, I just watched a tutorial on how to clean window sills. LOL! There’s a first time for everything.

Drop that knowledge on me.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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