Sundays With Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Vol. 708



Ah, Tabs. Always the picture of elegance. You didnít have to ask him twice to act like a lady or a gentleman. He was a cat who knew how to keep his napkin perfectly folded in his lap, and then would take said napkin and gently dab his whiskers. At high tea you would find him with his pinky up, and he partook of any excuse to attend formal events.

Walks outside werenít simply walks with Tabs. They were pageantry along a promenade.

As his first and only assistant, I was always expected to attend every event, no matter how formal or informal, with perfect posture and immaculate manners. That cat trained me!


As for being Rosieís assistant, itís been difficult for me to let go of the formal training I received under Tabs. Rosieís much more relaxed when it comes to manners and social graces, and sometimes I find myself wondering, could this cat be more uncouth?

Donít get me wrong ó sheís absolutely the sweetest pea out of all the sweet peas, but she refuses to suffer for fashion.

Today Connor and I wanted to take her out for a ladiesí day ó you know, coordinating outfits, a casual stroll with our parasols, that kind of thing ó but Rosie absolutely refused to act like a lady. Instead of prancing perfectly, she found a particularly pungent patch of dirt and rolled around in it for a good 15 minutes while Connor and I pleaded with her to continue. ďRosie, itís time for our walk now. Time to be a lady.Ē

Nope, she wasnít having it.

Thatís OK. We love her just the way she is. ?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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