Saturday Surfing, May 7, 2022!



Hi, friend. Iím following Rosie-Poseís lead today and taking a nap any chance I get. Her new favorite spot is this sunny patch right outside my office. She often shows up during work meetings to make her presence known!

Itís been a long week, and I canít even begin to tell you how happy I am that itís Saturday. Connor, poor thing, came down with a cold this week, so she was home with me on Thursday and Friday. Sheís feeling better today, thank goodness. Me, on the other handÖ Iím feeling tapped. I had a lot of unexpected things happen at work this week. Deadlines and caring for a sick child means I havenít had much rest, so Iím taking the time to recharge this weekend.

This weekís reading

Iím going to try one of these.

LOVED this!

You can dance (for inspiration).

This made me so happy.


Talk to me Dr. V.

How do you feel about savory breakfast?


Enjoy the rest of your day. What are your plans?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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