Aromatherapy Associates x Liberty Clear Mind



[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] Well, this is very much the dream team! A special Aromatherapy Associates blend housed in a Liberty design team print thatís exclusive to this blend Ė what could be better? Well, some reference to the print on the bottle please Ė that would be better. Other than that, nothing. And Clear Mind could not be more appropriate right now. Iím already a big fan of this brand Ė itís brought me nothing but joy over the years and itís my go-to gift for friends in times of difficulty. We all know that a bath oil doesnít change circumstance but it gives a space for reflection and attention by creating a comforting and safe olfactory environment.

Aromatherapy Associates x Liberty Clear Mind

Clear Mind is one of Geraldineís original blends and is exclusive to Liberty (and briefly, Aromatherapy Associates own site). It comprises frankincense, bergamot, chamomile and lavender Ė I am not much of a chamomile fan but in this blend it feels grounding rather than grating. Also, while I remember, anyone notice how much an AA bottle looks like a CHANEL No5 bottle? No wonder Iím like a moth to a flame :-))

Aromatherapy Associates x Liberty Clear Mind

Thereís also a roller ball option with the same beautiful packaging Ė I think itís a better option if you are a shower person rather than a bath person. Iím convinced that you donít get the same benefit from using the oil in a shower as you do surrounded by warm water and stillness in a bath. Just apply the roller ball after your shower and then anytime throughout the day. While I was traveling the other day I saw a woman with a toddler on the bus and she was sitting with her eyes closed smelling a bottle of aromatherapy oil. She was so fixed in the moment with her child safely tucked beside her and while I donít know her circumstances, Iíve never felt more like giving someone a hug (and Iím very much not a hugger) and a bit of reassurance to ride it out Ė there is another side and youíll get there. If Iíd have had the roller ball on me at the time I would have given it to her there an then.

So, looking at the options, Liberty has an offer for a Ďgiftí of £210 when you spend £150 (this stuff lasts so if you have gifts to buy that hit the £50 mark, two gifts and one for yourself and that is done) containing Trish McEvoy Essential Lip Balm in Gorgeous Pink 2.8g, Zelens 3T Anti-Ageing Cream 15ml, OTO 10% CBD Sleep Drops 15ml, Noble Isle Summer Rising Body Lotion 30ml, Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Cell Repair Night Oil 30ml, (MALIN + GOETZ) Rum Body Wash 30ml, Claus Porto Banho Mini Soap 30g, NEOM Organics Scented Candle (Travel) in Happiness 75g. Thatís HERE. On the Aromatherapy Associates site you get a free gift of Deep Relax Body Butter, Roller Ball and Bath Oil Ė all small sizes with a value of £46 and it needs to be a £6o spend Ė which means a roller ball and an oil (or, obviously, anything to the value of £60). That is HERE.

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