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Itís a good day to (re)apply your sunscreen.

Good morning and happy Friday!

Something fascinating I learned recently about liquid sunscreen is that you can touch up it throughout the day by reapplying it directly on top of makeup.


This is assuming youíve already got a layer (or two) underneath your usual face paint. Chances are youíre already wearing sunscreen underneath your foundation, blush, etc. if youíre going to bother reapplying your sunscreen in the middle of the day.

Oh, and this is also assuming youíre not wearing super dark blush or a black smokey eye! It seems to work best when the shades arenít too intense.

That said, hereís the gist:

  • Texture is key. A liquid sunscreen with a watery gel-like consistency works best. Anything too thick or heavy will move stuff around. Two to consider are Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen and Biorť UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence.
  • Youíll want to pat, not rub. Use your fingers, a sponge (donít wet it; leave it dry) or a synthetic foundation brush to pat the sunscreen on your skin. Patting minimizes moving the making underneath. Keep patting until the sunscreenís fully absorbed. Wait a minute, then do another layer.
  • A kitty makeup tip
    Oh, Tabs! I miss you, buddy.
  • Start with the non-colorful areas first. If youíre using a sponge (leave it dry) or brush, start on the parts of your face that donít have a ton of bright and intense color first, like your jaw, around your nose and mouth, and your forehead, so that youíre not mixing too much color. Wait a minute or so for the, then do your blush and eyes last.

If this seems too out-of-the box for you, then you could always go the more traditional route with a loose powder sunscreen that comes with an attached brush. Colorscience makes one thatís supposed to be pretty good.

Building those happiness muscles, day 12

The two simple things Iím grateful for today are 1) Laneige Lip Mask (this best thing for dry lips, I swear), and 2) my friend, Kelly.

So, Kelly and I met through our kids. Her daughter Kensley and Connor have been BFFs since preschool.

Not only Kellyís super easy to talk to and the nicest person, sheís also a real-life MacGyver!

Case in point: yesterday I took Connor Claire to play at their house and as she was getting out of the car, she dropped her favorite water bottle, which then rolled onto the sidewalk and into a storm drain. ?

I had pretty much given it up as lost forever, but Kelly saved the day by fishing it out of the gutter using a pool noodle, duct tape and a hook.

Seriously, everyone needs a friend like her!

I hope the rest of this beautiful day treats you well. Take care of yourself!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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