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Brand Description

Get ready to shake up the way you gloss with This is Milky Gloss! Now serving up creamy, ultra-glassy milkshake shine in 12 shades and flavors! A single swipe delivers a buildable splash of milky color with a sweet mmm milkshake taste and fragrance. Infused with dairy free vegan milk for 12 hours of quenching hydration

Shades Include:

  • Mixed Berry Shake
  • Strawberry Horchata
  • Ube Milkshake
  • Malt Shake
  • Cherry Milkshake
  • Mango Lassi
  • Mint Choc Chip Shake
  • Coquito Shake
  • Milk N Hunny
  • Salted Caramel Shake
  • Choco Latte Shake
  • Milk The Coco


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