A Birthday Gift to Myself



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Cake is always a good idea

Todayís my birthday, and ya know, it kinda snuck up on me this time around. Iíve been busy with work and end-of-the-school-year stuff for Connor, and between those things and the camping trip last weekend, I havenít had much time to really think about it. *shrugs*

Anywho, every year I buy a birthday gift for myself. I havenít done it yet, so sometime today Iíll pick up something tangible (I could use summer clothes). Also, while I was showering this morning after working out, it hit me that I could also give myself a non-tangible gift, too ó like the gift of letting things go.

GIRL, THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS I NEED TO LET GO. Iíve held onto too many of them for too long. I think it would be a good gift to give myself for this next trip around the sun.

I would love to let go ofÖ

  • Being too hard on myself.
  • All the worries/anxiety/monsters in general.
  • Trying to figure things out on my own. Itís OK to get help!
  • The idea of a tight tribe of moms, like you see in the movies.
  • The clutter in my life.
  • Getting in my own way.
  • Trying to change myself. Iím a sensitive soul. Itís OK to be this way.
  • My gray hair. Probably gonna dye it soon.
  • All the shoes that I never wear (LOL!), so I can make room for more shoes that I will actually wear.
  • The thought that MBB needs to be a certain way in order to be ďgood.Ē Iím changing, and MBB can change with me.
  • Painting my own toenails. I really hate doing it. The time has come to outsource. Stop denying it already, LOL!

Anyway, thank you for being here today. Iím off to go get myself a slice of cake from my favorite bakery in town, Creekside, and then Iím getting a pedicure.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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