5 Things I’ve Been Loving Lately



5 things loving lately

1. Swimsuits with long sleeves

Itís like having a built-in sun protection shirt! I technically donít need one because Iím allegedly trying to not add more things to my closet and already have 1) a swimsuit that I donít hate, and 2) a long-sleeve swimming shirt for sun protection, but still, I want. Free People has a bunch of cute ones!

2. Early Aughts dancehall music

Iíve been listening to a lot of it lately. Who knew one could be so moved by Sean Paulís ďGimme the LightĒ? LOL!

3. The show ďHacksĒ on HBO

This show about a seasoned Vegas comedian and an up-and-coming writer from Los Angeles cracks me up. Itís also surprisingly touching at times, too. Youíll be fan-girling actress Jean Smart by the end of it.

4. Printing out recipes

Lately Iíve been printing out recipes I make for dinner. Itís different from what I usually do, which is to pull a recipe up on my phone, make it once, and then forget about it.

You know what? Having a physical piece of paper works so much better for me. It really helps me to have a space to write detailed notes about what worked and what didnít. I also like storing the recipes in a folder in my kitchen which I can easily grab whenever I need it.

I guess Iím old school like that!

Speaking of dinner recipes, I just made this Thai basil chicken dish (I subbed the chicken for shrimp) and it was a hit with the fam-bam.

5. Basketball

I wish I could play it, but Iím terrible when it comes to sports with fast-moving projectiles, and I donít love the thought of other sweaty people all up in my space, bumping me from all angles. Itís a lot of fun to watch though. Side note: go Warriors!

Throw back to this cutie pie rockiní her Warriors gear

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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